The new DSW series of roller conveyor

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UCH Machinery Technology(Shanghai)Co.,Ltd find that conveyor rollers on the market in various forms , conveyor R & D personnel have never given up on the conveyor rollers series more advanced research work, our conveyor rollers researchers learn and absorb foreign advanced science and technology , combined with China’s logistics conveyors some of its own characteristics , well-developed , through a lot of effort , and finally developed a new series of conveyor rollers, that is, the new DSW series conveyor rollers .

General conveyor roller is a cylindrical conveyor parts , mainly two kinds of driving and driven rollers are often used in digital printers , transportation equipment , paper and packaging machinery and other types of drive transmission system . Under normal circumstances is the use made ??of seamless steel tubes , there are some uses depending on process requirements such as 304L/316L stainless steel , duplex stainless steel and other special circumstances , and roller conveyors emergence of new DSW series , giving our customers the conveyor roller wider range of choices .

Researchers developed a new DSW series conveyor rollers, conveyor has many beneficial features for its good bearing , low noise , reasonable structure, flexible rotation features are widely used in machinery industry, food industry , metallurgical industry and other forms of non- a profession.

DSW Series roller conveyor is a kind of bearing shell using a dedicated co-ordination and standard bearings , made ??of press-fit through a conveyor rollers , suitable for a variety of occasions, the roller conveyor occasion demands , including , conveyors spring loaded roller is the use of spring loaded to a fixed shaft connection, it has rotational flexibility to adapt to a wide range of features .

Unpowered roller (DSW Series ) :
DSW series roller is to learn and absorb foreign advanced technology, combined with the characteristics of China’s logistics transportation , well- developed a new series of rollers, with reasonable structure, flexible rotation , bearing good , low noise and appearance characteristics, widely used in light industry , machinery, electronics, food , metallurgy , medical and other industries.
No power straight roller (DSWZ):
Structural features: standard bearing special bearing shells and co-ordination by the press-fit together .
Applications: all kinds of occasions roller conveyor needs.
Spring loaded roller (DSWZ-01):
Using spring loaded to a fixed axis interconnect with a rotating flexible to adapt to a wide range of features.
Inner tooth shaft roller (DSWZ-02):
Used internally threaded shaft at both ends are connected , with a stable , easy installation features .
Full flat tenon roller (DSWZ-03):
Axis- tenon ends flat way , with easy installation , flexible rotation characteristics.
Through shaft pin hole roller (DSWZ-04):
Axis- piercing bolt connection method , with load of good , low noise characteristics.

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